Idiots Anonymous' Rise to Glory

Session 1: Shroud of Darkness

The party has spoken to eachother at the tavern. A note was given to them by a peasant stranger. “Meet here when the full moon is highest” On the front was the symbol of Tempus. The shrine of Tempus in town was where they needed to go, apparently. However, Thundrek had to return to his wife at home. Upon getting to his house he discovered the door was unlocked and there were signs of a struggle. His wife had been kidnapped. A note directed them to the shrine of Tymora. There they discovered his dead wife. A symbol carved into her stomach. Grief consumed Thundrek. The party tried to find help but only ended up with a flesh golem attacking. After dealing with the threat, Thundrek took pause and decided to gather some remains on the chance they find a powerful cleric capable of casting True Resurrection. Finding out that the symbol had been seen somewhere near Zalbross. The party investigate. Finding an opening and a large waterfall with a small island in the water. On top is a large stone pillar with the symbol carved into into it. Edging close, Mordicant spots what looks like a black panther out of the corner of his eye. Turning to look, it vanishes.


thehairysorcerer20 Urod

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