Idiots Anonymous' Rise to Glory

Session 7

Evil lurks

The party walked into the tomb. An entrance hall awaited them. With an offerings hole. progressing through and fighting more helmed horrors, the party found various gems and trinkets. Among such was a necklace of fireballs and an Ioun stone (Either original or copy. Unsure) as well as several symbols of Asmodeus. The party went downstairs and looked around. Finding an unsual mechanism as well as several skeletons and a large skeleton in what looked like a sacrificial chamber. Deciding to head back upstairs the party went into a large corridor, They found a large door blocking their path, presumably to the main crypt of Belisarius. After solving a small puzzle the party found out that this door was fueled by blood magic and could not be opened by any conventional means. So the party went down stairs. Once they got to the bottom floor they were surprised and assaulted by 4 chain devils. After defeating the fiends, the party prepared for another assault from the skeletons nearby that were checked out earlier.


thehairysorcerer20 thehairysorcerer20

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