Idiots Anonymous' Rise to Glory

Session 9

Fucking wizards

The party looted and legged it. The orb had the frightening property of some form of time displacement. After getting home and wandering around shops and the like. The party found out it was Delfen, the wizard of daggerford that requested this item. And offered magical items as well as money in return. So long as he could take the orb to his tower. After a few hours, the party infiltrated his tower and discovered he was in the middle of a ritual. In the centre of the ritual chamber was a small potted plant. The party stopped the ritual but it was too late. Delfen was gone. And so was the plant. Along with the rest of daggeford. All that stood was the tower and the adventurers. When they left, the party found that daggerford was no more. The giant archway was gone too. Odd. The party headed to waterdeep and eventually settled in an alley. After waking up, the party had some fun with the amulet of asmodeus that they found on the corpse of Belisarius.


thehairysorcerer20 thehairysorcerer20

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