Idiots Anonymous' Rise to Glory

Session 12

The party wait in earnest at the yawning portal until visited by Azurae with his brother Azurakai. After some rough and tumble. The party go back to the yawning portal. A agteway to styx is opened. and the adventurers step through. What happens next? Nobody knows. To journey to Styx is to walk into death. Their names will pass down through the annals of time. Tales will be spread of how they single handedly destroyed Thay and all evil within it. Their tale of adventure ends here.

Session 11: The lair of Belisarius Gruss
Well this explains something

After fighting their way through the many rooms of this lair. The party discovered some wondrous items. They now have an apparatus of kwalish. They have also met several npcs and even played cards against humanoids with them.

Session 10

The party engage in various fun activities with earthas new wife sarah. They encounter Karad, a half-orc bounty hunter intent on dying. He is slain by a goliath named grog. Comes back to life, and grog goes away to find some “lady favours” the party head back to earthas house and find spruce tree shenanigans. A miner takes them to a mine. End.

Session 9
Fucking wizards

The party looted and legged it. The orb had the frightening property of some form of time displacement. After getting home and wandering around shops and the like. The party found out it was Delfen, the wizard of daggerford that requested this item. And offered magical items as well as money in return. So long as he could take the orb to his tower. After a few hours, the party infiltrated his tower and discovered he was in the middle of a ritual. In the centre of the ritual chamber was a small potted plant. The party stopped the ritual but it was too late. Delfen was gone. And so was the plant. Along with the rest of daggeford. All that stood was the tower and the adventurers. When they left, the party found that daggerford was no more. The giant archway was gone too. Odd. The party headed to waterdeep and eventually settled in an alley. After waking up, the party had some fun with the amulet of asmodeus that they found on the corpse of Belisarius.

Session 8
Oh shit

The party gathered their minds and prepared for assault, they pulled the skeletons into the sacrfice pit before they could spawn. After getting 3 in it, the rest spawned and the 3 spawned to their death. After dealing with this threat, the large skeleton sat immobile. They waited but nothing happened, so they decided to continue. In the chamber of the pump device, the party funneled the blood through the ceiling and evidently to the door. On their way back upstairs they noticed the large skeleton was gone. Continuing, ready for attack. The party entered the final chamber. The doors closed behind them, sealing them in. After trying to funnel the blood to the sarcophagus, roaring flame engulfed the centre of the room, after a long and difficult battle, the adventurers were victorious. The blood shot through to the sarcophagus and immediately burst into fire. A burning symbol of Asmodeus appeared on the front of the sarcophagus. The party reared back and prepared for another battle. Then, Nothing. It opened and revealed a withered corpse inside dressed in a brilliant black and silver robe, clutching a staff. Above it on a small shelf was the coffer that the party was after.

Session 7
Evil lurks

The party walked into the tomb. An entrance hall awaited them. With an offerings hole. progressing through and fighting more helmed horrors, the party found various gems and trinkets. Among such was a necklace of fireballs and an Ioun stone (Either original or copy. Unsure) as well as several symbols of Asmodeus. The party went downstairs and looked around. Finding an unsual mechanism as well as several skeletons and a large skeleton in what looked like a sacrificial chamber. Deciding to head back upstairs the party went into a large corridor, They found a large door blocking their path, presumably to the main crypt of Belisarius. After solving a small puzzle the party found out that this door was fueled by blood magic and could not be opened by any conventional means. So the party went down stairs. Once they got to the bottom floor they were surprised and assaulted by 4 chain devils. After defeating the fiends, the party prepared for another assault from the skeletons nearby that were checked out earlier.

Session 6
Hey not bad

The party went home after dealing with some.. stuff. Tittered about town and found a note on the bounty board. No name. Just a task. The party were to go to the misty forest and raid the tomb of Belisarius Gruss and his family. Together, the party went and found the forest. Upon delving deeper, the party noticed the land was wilting and wildlife was making a wild dash away from something. Continuing on, the party found a tomb amid dead ground and trees. The party was “greeted” by a helmed horror. After defeating it. The party entered.

Session 5

Yeah.. stuff happened. Some angels showed up and kicked ass then destroyed Thay. Yay

Session 4: Gross

The party came across the “king of monsters” stuff.happened. A child died. A prince was killed. And the party fell unconscious (undertale references!) the party regains.consciousness. They head back to the tavern and deal with 2 of the 3 quests posted. A bandit camp commits suicide. The town sees a dragon and a cloud giant and continues with hoping that they ignore them. Thundreks wife is revived. Eventually. After.dealing with a chimera abomination. Sliske operates through shadows.

Session 3: Death.

After mauling the displacer beast and killing thundreks ‘child’ the party engages in combat with the lich. The majority of the party goes temporarily insane after gazing upon the mindflayer. Fighting ensues. The mind flayer gets banished and the.lich is defeated. Sliske is ‘killed’ and the party goes home. Everything is fine.. Or is it?


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