tiefling bard


I began my career by helping people remember things with rhymes, when I realised that most people can’t remember where other people have left their keys.

I was recruited by a locksmiths guild, my family was poor and honest earnings were hard to find. Over time I learned to unlock things as well as locating the objects to unlock them, my curiosity grew and I was often in trouble for reading forbidden tomes kept in the guild library.

I discovered that with slight changes to rhythms, I could track creatures as well. Hunting parties would ask me for help to complete quests for illusive beasts. In return some of them helped me in my studies, but soon my guild learned that I was researching spells outside of my scope as a locksmith and taking information as payment that was not contributing to the guild coffers.

After my previous infractions this was the last straw, I was forced to leave and now make my way by finding things of value and selling them.


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