Idiots Anonymous' Rise to Glory

Session 8

Oh shit

The party gathered their minds and prepared for assault, they pulled the skeletons into the sacrfice pit before they could spawn. After getting 3 in it, the rest spawned and the 3 spawned to their death. After dealing with this threat, the large skeleton sat immobile. They waited but nothing happened, so they decided to continue. In the chamber of the pump device, the party funneled the blood through the ceiling and evidently to the door. On their way back upstairs they noticed the large skeleton was gone. Continuing, ready for attack. The party entered the final chamber. The doors closed behind them, sealing them in. After trying to funnel the blood to the sarcophagus, roaring flame engulfed the centre of the room, after a long and difficult battle, the adventurers were victorious. The blood shot through to the sarcophagus and immediately burst into fire. A burning symbol of Asmodeus appeared on the front of the sarcophagus. The party reared back and prepared for another battle. Then, Nothing. It opened and revealed a withered corpse inside dressed in a brilliant black and silver robe, clutching a staff. Above it on a small shelf was the coffer that the party was after.


thehairysorcerer20 thehairysorcerer20

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